Marketing Powered by AI

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Overseas Marketing
As a tier-1 agent of major international media such as Meta, X, Google, TikTok for Business and Microsoft, BlueFocus leverages on its all-media traffic ecosystem and high-quality traffic resources overseas to provide one-stop integrated marketing services for Chinese brands, including global localization services, integrated marketing creative, digital media placement in all channels, overseas media PR, full-cycle game driver, global influencer marketing and affiliate marketing.

In response to the "ALL in AI" strategy, BlueFocus actively explores the implementation scenarios of overseas marketing powered by AI, and improves marketing efficiency with new gameplays derived from AI+ tools to bring about remarkable new growth points for brands to expand overseas development, enhancing the influence of Chinese brands in the world.
Domestic Digital Advertising
BlueFocus is dedicated to strategic businesses represented by smart marketing and new-type digital advertising, covering the whole links of digital advertising, such as advertisement launches/placement, media agency, creative production, and effect optimization.

Based on its own vertical model for marketing - Blue AI as well as strong capabilities of technologies, data, resources and services, BlueFocus intelligently produces and manages diverse content including text, pictures and videos in large scale; keeps boosting new creative approaches with AI to improve content creation efficiency, and reduce video clips production cost; promotes distillation of all fragmented data, and rapidly completes more precise and accurate content preference and user insights to form a set of more efficient, intelligent and innovative marketing solutions.
Digital Marketing Service
Based on the marketing concept of "Creative Service Content + Product Technology Data", BlueFocus provides clients of different industries with an all-link service system, including content creative, event management, CRM service and sales promotion solution (Marketing+Sales).

At the same time, we employ the powerful capabilities of the AI model to enrich user experience scenarios and inject new momentum to brand marketing; and explore AI marketing practice, and reshape communication between brands and consumers through AI-driven "New Interaction, New Scenario and New Link" experience to bring brands closer to consumers, and create immense room of imagination.
Metaverse Marketing
Centered on virtual human, virtual object, and virtual space, BlueFocus has built a service ecosystem involving IPs, products and services; powered by AI technologies, we provide our clients with metaverse strategy planning, virtual production execution, implementation of technologies and application scenarios, and long-term operation services to boost virtual-reality fusion in metaverse marketing, and create new value.

At present, we have developed virtual human IPs - Su Xiaomei and K, digital collection platform MEME, "Uniblue" virtual marketing space, and technology products "LiveSmart Studio", "AI Beings Clone" and "NFT-as-a-Service"; and we have set up the XR stage and a virtual production team.